Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a boat ramp or jetty?

Yes, we have both! We are located adjacent to a boat ramp and we also have a jetty that is a centre piece of the foreshore area directly opposite our caravan park.

Do you have a dump point?

Yes, you can find the location of our dump point on our Park Map.

Can I have a fire at Christmas or during summer?

As we are located in a nature reserve, we are unable to permit fires outside of the winter months.

Can I bring my own fire drum?

We provide fire pits throughout our Park, which can be used at your leisure during the winter months so there is no need to bring your own fire drum.

Do you have a pool or tennis court?

Our caravan park is located within a nature reserve and features a range of outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, bushwalking and direct access to the lake. While we don’t have a swimming pool or tennis court at our Park, Swansea Lakeside, Blacksmiths Beachside and Belmont Lakeside all offer a wide-range of recreational activities including onsite swimming pools.

Do you take group bookings?

Group bookings are encouraged at our park, though please note that deposit amounts will vary depending on the total of your booking cost. For more details or to discuss your group booking, please contact us directly.

Still have questions?

If you couldn't find your answer above, then please contact us