Top activities for adrenaline junkies

1. Skydive the beach

Skydive over Lake Macquarie for the ultimate adrenaline rush. You’ll plunge tandem from = 15,000 feet, experiencing up to 60 seconds of freefall at over 200 km/h.

2. Microlight or gyrocopter flights

Get ready for the time of your life and learn how to fly with Airborne flight training. They have introductory flights or lessons where you can experience the freedom of flight in an open cockpit aircraft or the enclosed Magni gyrocopter.

3. Matt Hall aerobatic flights

An extreme 20-minute flight above Lake Macquarie is one of those ‘must do’ activities for true thrillseekers. Enjoy a high intensity, aerobatic flight with Australia’s number one aviator Matt Hall or one of the other experienced pilots on his team.

4. Skyline helicopter flights

Departing from Lake Macquarie airport, these helicopters take you on a variety of scenic tours around Lake Macquarie and Newcastle.

5. JetBuzz Watersports

JetBuzz offers jet boat rides on both Lake Macquarie and the ocean (the only ocean going jet boat ride in NSW!). JetBuzz also offers kayaks, stand up paddle boards, boat hire (no licencing required for 90% of boats), sunset cruises on a luxury cruiser and private charters on a luxury cruiser.